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What is the minimum amount required for opening an account?

EDGE VALUE Open an account with only PKR 25,000/- (Note: Physical Shares are acceptable at the time of Account opening).

EDGE PRIME Open an account with only PKR 300,000/- (Note: Physical Shares are not acceptable at the time of Account opening).

What are your commission and fees for Edge Stock Trading?

Foundation Edge offers the most competitive rates in the industry; minimum 3 paisa per share on shares valued up to Rs. 20.

How can I open an account with Foundation Edge?

You can download our Account Opening Form from Forms are also available at all branches of Foundation Securities (Pvt.) Limited.

Can I open an account with shares/securities?

Yes! You can open your account with shares, both Physical or in CDC.

Can I have a demonstration of the software?

Yes! Please visit Downloads for the user manual.

How long does it take to open an account?

Once all documentation is completed and approved, you will be able to access your account. Investment/Trading can begin once your account has sufficient funds.

How much margin buying power can I have?

Edge Stock Trading Account is 100% cash based and no margin facility is available.

Does Foundation Edge provide real time market data?

Yes! All of our trading platforms provide real time data.

Do I have different order-type capabilities?

Yes! Some of these are Market orders, Stop-Limit orders, Limit orders, Short Sell orders (for Future Contracts, as per SECP regulations).

Can I dial a direct number for trading related calls?

Yes! Our toll free number is 0800-87233 (0800-TRADE).

If I call in to place a order, does my regular commission apply?

Yes! We do not charge an extra fee to execute an order for you over the phone.

How the orders are accepted, processed, settled and cleared via the internet?

There are diverse way to place an order, you may use your Trading Terminal, Web-Based Terminal Or Mobile trading, Whenever you will place order through online trading system, the message board view window shows the time and details of the order placement, cancellation and execution. The Margin window also shows the status of order placement through pending order, updating of custody balance in case of execution and cash balance accordingly. You can also view the details of outstanding orders as well executed transaction through your terminal.

Is there any Alternate way order placement, in case of non-availability of systems?

In case of non-availability of internet connection or Terminals you cal avail EDGE call n Trade facility by calling our toll-free number 0800-TRADE (0800-87233).

Can I cancel my outstanding (unexecuted) orders?

Yes, you may cancel your outstanding order through your All Trading channels (Software, Web-based and Mobile) or you can call us on Toll-Free number 0800-87233 our representative will cancel order on your request after some formal verification.

In case of non-availability of the system we will use our master KATS terminal for cancellation of orders.

Is there a restriction to place any particular type of Order?

Yes there is a restriction on two types of orders. Short Sell orders for regular market are not allowed to be placed and also Wash Trades (executing a day trade of a particular share where buying and selling is at the same rate) are prohibited.

How do i transfer my account from another firm to Foundation Edge?

To transfer your account to Foundation Edge, you must first download the account opening form from our website or obtain one from one of our branches. Once the relevant documentation is complete, you can ask your existing broker to transfer your equity/securities/shares to us. Please call our Help Desk on 0800-87233 (0800-TRADE) for further details.

What  are timings for offline market order placement ?

Monday  to Thursday            05:30 pm till 08:00 am
Friday                                        07:30 pm till 08:00 am